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Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the conditions) Hotel Goal, The Stadium 2459/1, Prostejov, ICO: 27728277 (hereinafter referred to as the hotel) they regulate the mutual contractual relationship with the client - a natural or legal person, which orders a stay in the hotel as a client (hereinafter referred to as the client).

I. Stay order, creation of a contractual relationship

The client orders a stay at the hotel by written order or reservation request, which it serves to the hotel by telephone, by post, electronic by post, via the booking interface on the website or in person. Essentials establishing a properly issued order or request on reservation are:

  • name and the client's last name, day and place of birth, permanent address residence, contact (telephone, possibly. email), in the case of legal persons business name, IR, VAT number
  • number persons, date of stay, length of stay, room / apartment type

If the resident orders a stay for foreigners, the client is obliged to do this to state the fact. After a properly issued and submitted order or submitted the client is bound by this document to the binding request for the reservation. Execution binding reservations(according to Article IV of these conditions) arises between the client and hotel contractual relationship. The hotel undertakes to provide client services to the confirmed extent and quality and the client to pay the hotel agreed price. The terms of the contractual relationship apply to all persons listed in the order / reservation request, which the client submitted and the hotel confirmed.

II. Rights and obligations of the client

The client has the right

  • be sufficiently and completely informed by the hotel about the ordered services, i.e.. their scope, date and price
  • to proper provision of those ordered by him, confirmed by the hotel and in advance paid services
  • at any time cancel the confirmed order / request before the start of the stay on reservation, provided that the cancellation conditions are observed in accordance with Art. VII.
  • claim defects in the services provided

The client is obliged

  • completely and correctly state all the essentials of the order / request on reservation
  • pay hotel in the required period in the form of a deposit full price for the stay
  • respect equipment regulations, whose services it uses
  • thoroughly check the hotel's confirmation of stay and contact them immediately if any discrepancies are found hotel

III. Obligations of the hotel to the client

The hotel is obligatory

  • provide important information for the client to stay
  • confirm duly booked the client's stay and provide the client in writing information on arrival
  • when binding to secure the reservation or confirmed order to the client services to a confirmed extent and quality
  • When withdrawal from the confirmed stay order / binding reservation by to be paid to the client no later than 14 days after written receipt cancellation of the deposit paid for the stay. However, if a hotel claim arises for cancellation fees, The hotel pays the client the difference between already the deposit paid and the relevant cancellation fees. When binding reservations by providing payment card data for execution pre-authorization, the hotel is entitled to withdraw cancellation fees from the account client.

IV. Prices of services and their payment

Prices of services provided by the hotel are listed at:

The client can make a binding reservation of the stay ensure

  • full payment of the price of the ordered services
  • after the previous one agreement with the hotel by partial payment of the ordered services
  • by providing payment card details (card type / issuer, holder, date expiration, card number, card security code), which are needed to pre-authorize the card in the amount of the estimated price ordered services
    In case of non-fulfillment of these conditions for a binding reservation is the hotel is entitled to unilaterally cancel the reservation and inform about it client's facts.

The client can pay the price of the ordered services:

  • banking cashless transfer to the hotel account at FIO banka, a.s., code banks for the purposes of domestic payments: 2010, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCPPXXX, Account no.: 2801766136 / 2010,  WERE GOING: CZ59201 0000 0002 8017 66136
  • payment card
  • payment in cash

If the deposit for the stay is not paid within the agreed period and stated in the residence certificate, can hotel from confirmed orders to withdraw. Failure to pay the deposit does not terminate the obligation to do so in writing cancellation of ordered services in case of cancellation. Payment of the deposit means its crediting to the hotel account.

V. Confirmation of stay

The client is entitled to a confirmation of the stay to use the paid services issued by the hotel (by email or in writing by letter). The client is obliged check the accuracy of the data to confirm the above. When found out any discrepancies, the client immediately contacts the hotel reception tel. +420 732 264 332 or by .

WE. Start of stay

Upon arrival, the client at the hotel reception proves his / her civic ID card, passport or other identity card and confirmation of residence. After completing the above formalities, the reception will accommodate the client and provide him more information about the stay.

VII. Cancellation policy

  • Client has the right to cancel the stay at any time, i.e.. withdraw from confirmed order / reservation request for the stay for below conditions. This withdrawal by the client (hereinafter only cancellation) must be made in writing and demonstrably delivered to the hotel.
  • Cancellation the conditions apply to the cancellation of the accommodation reservation, catering and congress services by the customer.
  • Below the stated cancellation conditions also apply to the cancellation of the part earlier made reservations. (Cancellation fees apply to the canceled part stay - reducing the number of rooms or people or shortening the length of stay)
  • When premature termination or interruption of stay without fault on the part of the landlord is not obliged to return the price paid to the client residence or its proportional part.
  • Hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize your payment card before Your arrival.

Individual guest

  • Upon cancellation reservation from date, when the reservation was entered by the guest within 48 hours (on working days) before the date of arrival (i.e.. no later than 14:00 hours 3 working days before the date of arrival) the hotel charges cancellation a fee equal to the return costs paid amounts.
  • Upon cancellation reservations from 0 to 48 hours (in working days) before expected start of accommodation (i.e.. no later than 14:00 hours 3 working days before the date of arrival) the hotel charges cancellation a fee equal to the price of the first night of the booked stay

Group booking

Requirements for a written order: exact address and name of the customer, Date of Issue, ICO, VAT number, bank connection. The hotel is entitled to charge cancellation group fees 8 and more people in the cases below:

  • annulment stay 30-21 days before arrival - cancellation fee 10% prices of stay
  • annulment stay 20-15 days before arrival - cancellation fee 25% prices of stay
  • annulment stay 14-8 days before arrival - cancellation fee 50% prices of stay
  • annulment stay 7-4 days before arrival - cancellation fee 75% prices of stay
  • annulment stay 3 nights - no-show - cancellation fee 100% prices of stay

The hotel undertakes not to charge cancellation fees in the event of cancellation reservations up to 30 days before the announced arrival of the group.

Payment Terms

  • Hotel reserves the right to request an advance payment of 30% from the price of accommodation services on the date of booking the accommodation
  • Residue accommodation prices will be paid after issuing a pro forma invoice at the latest 2 days before the start of the booked group stay
  • After completion of The event is a final bill for the services provided.

VIII. Protection of personal data

  • The administrator of personal data under Regulation (I) 2016/679 (GDPR) Hotel's Goal, s.r.o., ICO: 27728277, based U Stadionu 2459/1, 796 01 Prostejov.
    We process your personal data because of the deal with your accommodation bookings and communication with you because of the verification reservation, in cases LATE ARRIVALS, or. informing about forgotten things in the room or in any other emergency situation that requires immediate communication.
  • In the case of sending the request accommodations through the form on our website we process your name and surname, shipping address, e-mail and phone number. On arrival at the hotel then process your ID number and date of birth.
  • Legal reason for this process is the execution of the contract. We process the stated personal data for this purpose at least for the duration of the reservation, or. accommodation or statutory period.
  • Your privacy complies with Regulation (I) 2016/679 (GDPR).
  • We do not use your personal information for marketing purposes.
  • Your personal data provide only bodies empowered to do so by law, We do not provide your personal data to anyone else.
  • We have appointed a Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, we have not entrusted the processing of your personal data to any processor or have appointed a representative for the performance of obligations under the GDPR.
  • We do not intend to disclose your personal data to a third country, international organization or another, people.
  • Whenever you have the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data, the right to request access to your personal data from us as the Administrator, rectification or erasure, or processing restrictions, and oppose the processing of, You have the right to
    portability of these data to another manager, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, If you are for it, that we act contrary to the GDPR when processing your personal data.

IX. Conditions for out - of - court settlement of consumer disputes

The accommodated guest has the right to submit a proposal for out-of-court settlement of a dispute to a designated subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, which is: the Czech trade inspection, Central Inspectorate, AD department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, email:, web:

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory body supervising consumer protection, proceeding according to Act no. 64/1986 Sb., on the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, as amended and other legislation. The website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority is www.

X. Final Provisions

The General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 1 September 2020. Changes and supplements to these conditions may be individually between the hotel and adjusted by the client exclusively in writing.
The transferred personal data of the client stated in the order or reservation of the stay will be used by the hotel only for the contractual relationship between the hotel and the client.

Complaints and compensation

If you have a complaint about the quality of accommodation or reservations about the services provided, try solve everything immediately on the spot with the reception or with the hotel management and allow them, so that they can rectify the situation as soon as possible.

When, that it is not possible to solve the problem on the spot, send us your complaint by at the latest to 30 days from the date of your return from your stay in our hotel. Yours the complaint will be investigated and any compensation will be proposed on the basis of the applicable ones rules laid down in the relevant legislation.

Hotel Gól, s.r.o. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. It is your duty regularly check the wording of these terms and conditions before each booking, and get acquainted with their possible changes.