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Square in prostějov

The findings of ceramics testify about, in the area of the current T square. (G). T. G. Masaryk lay the Center village market, that has evolved since the mid- 13. century.

Gable façade houses originate mostly from the 19. or from the beginning of the 20. century.

Since 1932 the square has a park with benches and beds. This edit was also included the Marian column of the year 1714, standing near the old town hall (today's Museum Prostějovska). The statue of the Virgin Mary as the mother of divine Grace was a prominent lawyer Charles Schllenberger, who worked in the service of the Princes of Liechtenstein.


Excursions in the green tree Distillery – Starorežná Prostějov

Dykova 8, 79697, Prostějov (map)

phone: 582 301 315 or 582 301 311


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The field trip is required the participation of at least 10 persons. It takes about 1 an hour, in the price is a tasting of products from the distillery at the green tree-Starorežná Prostějov.

How to make a field trip: The excursion must be negotiated in advance, and by phone at 582 301 315. Responsible for worker with you to discuss the details and answer all your questions.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 13:00 (h)

The most appropriate term for ordering is at least 1 the week before the tour.


Museum of historical carriages

freedom square 377, 79858, Čechy pod Kosířem (map)

phone: 608 610 324


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The Museum is a collection of historic carriages, that is because of its size and diversity of the unique, and lanterns.

For inspection include a hands-on demonstration of light in the dark room and the film, accompanied by sound effects from the old days.


Opening hours:

daily (In addition to Monday) 9.00 – 17.00 (h)


Big grass nail trail

The beginning of the trail is located on a dirt road, on souřadnících

Loc.: 49° 31 ' 26.094″(N), 17° 5 ' 26.769″(E).

The trail is about long 10 miles, It is accessible on foot and on mountain bike. It is located on the total 18 information boards, You can read their text here.


Předina Lookout Tower

The lookout is located at coordinates Loc.: 49° 23 ' 7.836″(N), 17° 7 ' 23.084″(E).

Located on the Hill Předina Morava – Czech radio communications transceiver, who has the unusual design. The transmitter is not commonly available, in its surroundings, however, is a wooden observation tower, from that in clear weather to see the Mountains and the Hostýnské vrchy mountains and the entire Hana. Předina is considered to be the geographical center of Moravia. The transmitter is accessible by car, turn off the road between Dobrochovem and Kobeřicemi.

More information you will find on the website of the municipality Dobrochov